I would like to take the opportunity, for those of you that may not know us as well as we would like you to, to introduce our company.

We are Venture Chemicals!!

You might have heard of us, and if not here is what you should know about us.

  • We have been around for over 30 years (founded in 1977).
  • We patented the original core technology for the seepage-loss additives in the drilling fluids market.
  • We have been a leader in drilling fluid additives innovation and manufacturing ever since.
  • We have a 110-acre facility in Seagraves, TX
  • We have laboratory facilities in Lafayette, LA that over the past thirty years have been accountable for 200+ patents in drilling fluids technology

But, while our past is impressive, we are even more excited about our future.

Standing on the shoulders of our past successes, we have an eye on the future.  The industry is changing and growing and so are we.

Our Promise and our Request

Our entire team at Venture really wants the opportunity to show you and your company what our current customers already know. Working with us matters.  And more importantly – working with you matters to us.

We promise if you give us a chance we will ALWAYS provide you with the best product, the best price (guaranteed), best service and the highest level of expertise in the business.

We’ve been doing this longer than anybody else.  Call us and find out why that matters.

In closing, we look forward to hearing from you.


Jay Cowan

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